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M.E MEDIATECH CORP. is a leading multilingual digital media provider, founded in August 2014 and headquartered in Vancouver. M.E Media offers full range of corporate online promotion services and brand strategies with the core concept of new digital media technology. M.E Media wholly owned two subsidiary companies Green M.E Overseas E-commerce Technology Company and Chengdu Puhui culture communication Co. Ltd., and three remarkable online brands “DSP Promotion Services”, “Greenme” and “M.E Tube”. Through unremitting efforts and over two years’ strategic distribution, M.E Media has served hundreds of thousands of clients in three hundred cities at more than twenty countries globally, including Canada, the United States, China, Mexico, France, Italy, Israel, Russia, South Korea, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa, and etc.

Through online global promotion and offline entity industrial chain, starting with “demand of the end-users”, M.E Media oriented by the actual result of “end-users’ experience”, using high-tech to build a new “Internet + Media Circle” and an “Innovative, Collaborative, Green, Open, Developing and Sharing” Internet ecosystem. M.E is determined to create a valuable social lifestyle with unique tools and strategic insights tailored better opportunities of today and the expectations of tomorrow for all human kinds. As a group, M.E Media aims to create an evolution from traditional media to a “brand-new” online media market, and from a typical design of regional media to a new pattern of the global media industry by building M.E Media as a prototype of the new Internet economy mode in the next ten years.

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