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Canada International Photographers Association (“CIPA”) is a duly registered non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the creation of photographic works and the exchange of experience in this art with a view to

Camera West is a California-based business that specializes in the highest quality photographic equipment, services and customer care. We offer both new and used equipment, accessories, instruction, camera maintenance and repair. We buy, sell, and trade equipment daily. Our expertise allows us to work from individual items to complete, lifetime collections. Customers can apply the value of thei

Homeboy is the world’s most accessible home security system. The Homeboy system features the world's first wire-free, long-life camera in production paired with intuitive mobile apps and an open platform that communicates with other smart home services and devices. Homeboy is incredibly simple to use. You can use Homeboy to check in on your home when you’re away, invite your trusted social n

Gizmogul was started in 2010 by three brothers from Boston, Mass. (Cory, 23, Barry, 29, Stephen, 32). They wanted to create a niche electronic recycling business that spoke to their generation. Gizmogul is a “cool” recycling company with a philanthropic attitude. They pay people fairly for their material while making a positive impact on the community. Currently, every cell phone recycled with Giz

Set on a mission to revolutionize family care and wellness industry by bringing comfort and convenience to “on-the-go” parents, iBaby Labs introduced the first cloud based baby monitor in 2011. The iBaby Monitors transformed the way traditional baby monitors work by enabling parents to watch, hear, and speak to their baby using any internet connected iOS mobile device from anywhere, anytime. Si

We use Intel and Texas Instrument Davinci processors in the NVRs; Texas Instruments and Ambarella processors in the cameras. On our lower end cameras, we have Sony lenses, the higher quality cameras have Aptina Lenses. We always use surveillance grade hard drives, usually the Western Digital Purple Line.