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广东锦诺灯箱工艺有限公司 专注于超薄灯箱的设计与制造,具有丰富的设计和制造灯箱经验,是一有经验的超薄灯箱制造专家。公司拥有一批具有本行业多年经验、素质优良、勇于进取的专业人才,同时公司引进国外先进的制造技术,紧跟国际水平,公司现能生产包括:导光板超薄灯箱、水晶灯箱、LED超薄灯箱、LED显示频、吸盘灯箱、农行灯箱、转角灯箱、肯德基灯箱、海报夹在内的多种多系列产品。

Burke Electric Ltd is proud to offer you great prices on your home lighting needs. Whether you prefer an antique or contemporary look, we have a huge selection of quality merchandise so you can find what you are looking for: from kitchen and Bathroom Lighting to specialty lighting . If you are looking for a lamp or related accessories, you are in the right place. You can buy a lamp specifically cr

I have been sourcing light fixtures for my design projects at Lando Lighting for several years. Lando has always given me great service. They have a great selection of fixtures on display and if I can’t find what I am looking for they are happy to assist with sourcing special order products.

LE focus on creating the best lighting experience. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with LE. LE is also an Internet company. We serve partners and customers from over 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia via advanced IT technology.

Over the last 10 years, F&V has invested heavily in applying the advancements of LED technology -- LUX/mAh, color rendering (CRI), cost benefit -- to photographic and video applications. Working closely with key LED sources, we have been able to quickly and effectively integrate these innovations into all of our products. As dealers and OEM partners recognized our ability to quickly bring to ma

Cree公司是市场上领先的照明革新者与半导体制造商,以显著提高固态照明,电力及通讯产品的能源效果来提高价值。 Cree的市场 优势来源于碳化硅(SiC)材料,以及用此来外延芯片和制备相关的器件。这些芯片及器件可在很小的空间里用更大的功率,同时比别的现有技术、材料及产品产生热量更少。 Cree把能源回归解决方案(ROE™)用于多种用途,包括在更亮及可调节的发光二极管光照明(LED),更鲜艳的背光显示,高电流开关电源和变转速电动机的最佳电力管理,和更为有效的数据与声音通讯的无线基础设施等方面有令人兴奋的可选择的方案。Cree的顾客有从创新照明灯具制造商到与国防有关的联邦机构。