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As the only one of the DSP service provider in Canada, M.E Media is well recognized for its specialty in Programmatic Buying technology. It extensively supports PC, video and mobile inventory resources, with an integrated capability of Cross-device Identification technology to recognize and connect true audience. Also, by applying Audience Targeting to find the best match between customers and ads, the advertiser campaigns gain a higher win-rate with boosted performance comparisons.

Since the search engine of innovation, programmatic buying is the most important digital marketing technology companies to become the most popular way to advertise. FMCG, automotive, IT, finance, electricity providers, gaming and other industries where almost all the leading brands in programmatic buying platform gained unprecedented advertising reach and enhance its own brand and operational efficiency.

In M.E Media, we provide global solutions include buying program in North America, Asia, Europe and other regions. The practice of search engine technology is to solve the "info searching” problem, off the first digital marketing revolution turmoil, and programmatic buying Internet advertising. To achieve the "info searching" the wisdom of connection, digital advertising has been declared and we entered a new era of intelligence.

Media Inventories: PC DSP Integration and Coverage

  • M.E Media covers over 92% websites among Alexa China Top 100 Website Rank
  • M.E Media covers 90% media among Iresearch Top 10 Media Rank in various categories
Partial Media Inventory Display DSP Promotion
Medias DSP Promotion
  • M.E Media PC DSP integrates with 13 ad exchange platforms, 12 billion daily ad exposures, offering massive advertising options for advertisers.
  • M.E Media covers majority of high quality websites on top of the rank list such as Google, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and etc.
  • M.E Media integrates high quality media inventories, offering massive exposure chances for advertisers.

Media Inventories: PC Display Ad Formats

  • PC Banner

    PC Banner

  • Pause Banner

    Pause Banner

  • Dynamic Ads

    Dynamic Ads

  • Pop up Ads

    Pop up Ads

  • Video in Banner

    Video in Banner

  • PC Banner

    PC Banner

Media Inventories: Mobile DSP Integration and Coverage

M.E Media Mobile DSP 6 billion daily ad exposure

Media Inventories Daily PV 880 million
  • 6 high quality mobile ad exchange platforms
  • +4 ad exchange platforms’ mobile data
  • +500K mainstream APP resources
  • 90% mobile users
DSP Medias

Media Inventories: Mobile Display Ad Formats

Daily PV 880 million

  • Toutiao


  • Sohu News

    Sohu News

  • QQ Zone

    QQ Zone

  • Tencent News

    Tencent News

  • Tencent Video

    Tencent Video

  • Xiaomi-Yidianzixun


Media Inventories: Mobile High Quality Hero Apps

Business APP
Video APP
Health APP
Beauty APP
Literature APP
Lifestyle APP
Tools APP
Weather APP
Games APP

Media Inventories: Video DSP Integration and Coverage

edia Inventories
Video DSP Integration and Coverage
  • M.E Media Video DSP integrates 15 ad exchange platforms,4 billion daily ad exposure, offering massive advertising options for advertisers.
  • M.E Media covers majority of high quality websites on top of the rank list such as YouTube, Youku, Iqiyi, Sohu Video, Tencent Video, Letv and etc, creating “One Stop Connect” with lots of high quality medias for advertisers.
  • M. E Media DSP helps advertisers realize cross media frequency control, avoiding over exposure and reducing CPUV.

Media Inventories: Mainstream Video Websites Coverage

  • DSP Video Promotion

    PC-Video Website Pre-roll

  • DSP Smart phone Video Promotion

    Mobile-Video APP Pre-roll

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