Cooperation Partners

M.E global multimedia alliance is to create a large and strong global marketing team and to build a Three-Dimensional Network interaction for global enterprises. M.E is committed to improving its customer’s global business brand and reputation while building an “M.E commercial district” to serve M.E users and followers better.

Strategic Partners

Canada Fair King International Multimedia Ltd.logo

Canada Fair King International Multimedia Ltd.

Canada Fair King International Multimedia Group is an experienced and professional media production company. Whether in film, TV broadcast or video production, we provide extensive creative content and technical services--from concept and script to production, motion graphics, audio and video post-production and distribution. Our crew is professionally equipped and incredibly talented. Which can satisfy all customers’ different needs. Anything from birthday party, prom ceremony, wedding event, personalized video to commercials, trailers and film productions.

Focus Media logo

Focus Media

Focus Media is a company based out of Vancouver that mainly works on Web Design, graphic design, video production, band management and marketing promotion.
Focus Media, is a vibrant brand design company located in Vancouver. Since its inception in 2003, Focus Media serving in several well-known companies is one of Vancouver`s best – know designer brands. Dedicated to local businesses, Focus Media is providing excellent brand integration and interaction design services. We had established long-term good relationship of cooperation with real state, apparel, trade, fashion, agency, tourism and many other industries.

Clouch Art logo

Clouch Art

Clouch Art is China’s leading derivative of art and high-end artwork customizing organization, which is founded in 2012. Now it has its own research institute that mainly focuses on Chinese traditional art. Clouch, as an international artistic brand, devotes itself to discover the essence of modern art, which is involving home design, painting and calligraphy, sculpture, accessories, product design, conception artwork, and etc. its international and professional operation model would satisfy your various needs and customize unique artistic gift for you.


October Studio

October Studio is a Vancouver-based video production /photography company that works on projects of all sizes for local, national and international clients alike. October Studio was founded by Yulanda Li and Eric Zhang who have worked in the video production industry for more than 10 years. Their staff is made up of award-winners in every area of production, including nationally acclaimed producers, directors, videographers and editors. No matter what your budget is, your production will be supervised by some of the most talented professionals in the industry.

DAWA media group logo

DAWA media group

DAWA Business Press founded in November of 2001 and published three times a week, is the only Chinese business newspaper in Canada and one of the most popular Chinese newspapers covering all over the greater Vancouver areas as well as Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary. DAWA media group also includes China Business, English magazine, DAWA News, Huayu TV Studio, and etc.

Pacific Immigration Consulting Ltd. logo

Pacific Immigration Consulting Ltd.

Pacific Immigration Consulting Ltd. is an officially approved professional institution by the government of Canada, which is specializing in immigration and international education service as well as immigration consulting services. The head office located at the largest Chinese immigrants city, Vancouver. Our professional consultants hold ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) licenses with a team of professionals in over ten years of experience by providing professional, and solid consulting advises to assist our clients to succeed in fields of investment immigration, skilled immigration, family reunion, study abroad and tourist visas, etc.

Vancouver Film School logo

Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School was founded on the philosophy that one year of concentrated production work combined with industry-led theory is more valuable than four years of purely theoretical instruction. This unique educational model has proven to be successful across our 13 programs, allowing students to achieve more in one year - or less - than at any other school. Students at VFS receive a rigorous and comprehensive education including lectures, tutorials, and productions.



CICTAN-BIOTECH Corporation is a pioneer in the field of natural-health technologies, with a focus on structured water, food science, energy medicine, sound and light frequency all in relation to cell-to-cell communication, as well as green, renewable energy.

Plus WeChat

Plus WeChat

Plus WeChat has developed Canada first authoritative micro marketing product, which allows companies to work on micro-marketing roundly by operating on the apps like micro-website, micro-event, micro-invitation, micro-lucky money.

Wanlink logo


Wanlink is a high-tech company that works on data communication, online video, sensor technology, and etc. Wanlink mainly develops and produces cloud technology that could “Plug and play”, and it also provides network problem solving as well as software development services.

Agency Partners: Authentication

Certificate of Authorization

M.E Mediatech Corp. is a global multimedia platform that was originated on the basis of media and modern technology. M.E provides comprehensive support to its agency partners all over the world with event promotions, video advertising, and attentive customer service. In a common efforts of its partners, M.E has become a well-known young brand with a huge amount of users. For providing M.E’s quality products and services to even more users, we are currently seeking for agency partners globally. Our goal is to build an M.E online extension system, devote to media marketing technology by developing strong regional and industrial agents as stable cooperative partners.

Whether you are an individual or a team, we always welcome you to be a part of us. M.E marketing system platform is here to advantage everyone to realize their value through M.E, “Let’s work together, until our dream come true”, we are committed to our clients to provide the most supportive, and attentive services. M.E multi-media advertising platform appreciate every prospective partners for their trusts and supports.

For authorized agency partners, M.E Canada headquarters provides full support on

  1. Provides professional research and team development with each agency partner’s demands;
  2. Hands over the full rights of marketing to exclusive agents within the area that exclusive agents located;
  3. Passes on the resources received by promoting online to the local agency partners that the partners do not have to undertake promotion fees;
  4. Provides 12 hours/day, 5days/week technical support service.
  5. Provides product introduction, event promotion, marketing promotion, third partner advices.
  6. Provides training and tutorial materials for free;
  7. M.E’s Headquarters would held marketing meeting at the cities partners located frequently to improve M.E’s popularity.
  8. Each agency partner would receive a free instructional account for system function instruction.
  9. Headquarters provides unified problem-solving PowerPoint slides to each agency partner.
  10. Headquarters provides training on products and services, marketing skills to each agency partner frequently.

Authorized agency partners

Zhong Shan XianDai Consulting Services Luo Yang YiCai Advertising Company
Chong Qing Global Trading Promotion Association Cheng Du Metro Ad Company
Hong Kong's International Training Institutions Shenzhen Minghua Graphic Advertising Design Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Chang Feng Yin Wu Advertising Company >Sichuan Hua Yi Bo Sheng Advertising Company
Chengdu Shen Diao Advertising Company Chongqing Yin Zuo Media Advertising Company
Wuhan Rui Xiang Artistic Sign Production Center

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