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Why choose M.E to promote for you?

  • Users are from all over the world

    M.E multimedia platform spread its ads in more than 10 countries and 100 cities.

  • Effective promotional results

    There are more than 100,000 users are browsing our website to get to know your company every day.

  • Thorough and satisfactory service

    There more than 1000 M.E Merchants around you, they are always ready to assist you with your advertisement promotion.

  • Top quality

    Charge by actual result. Top quality advertising plan allows you to enjoy premium services from us.


  • M.E is amazing. By promoting on M.E and its micro-platform, we opened up our business especially among the Chinese market in Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam easily and effectively. Choosing M.E is one of our best decisions!

    Europe. Seacret SPA
  • M.E has brought us very surprising outcome! After I bought M.E’s diamond package, and displayed my ads on the large display window on the home page for six months, the visitor’s volume of our page has increased dramatically. Our website ranking in china has raised for 8723! Our ranking on ALEXA raised up to top 1 million position. Our popularity has been improved, and so is our business.

    USA Healthyever LOGO
    USA Healthyever
  • After we decided to use M.E’s services to promote our website, we noticed that more and more users are browsing our site. The visitor’s volume M.E brought to us made our website ranking improved surprisingly. The real data from M.E indicated that the promotional result of M.E is incredible!

    Wan Link Data LOGO
    China. WANLINK
  • We have been with M.E for 2 short months, our website ranking raised by 28million positions. Before promoted our website on M.E, we could only find out our website on the third page of BAIDU.COM. Now, we are on the first page! The promotional outcome of the last two months has exceed the 10 years of promotional effect that have done by other competitors. M.E is incontrovertible!

    China. ECai Print shop

M.E Extension Services

  • Large display window

    Large display window

    The most visible promotion effect, which can be equivalent to the cover page of magazines.

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  • Exclusive display widow

    Exclusive display widow

    Users can post their ads by selecting a targeting market. These ads are charged by the actual viewing result.

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  • Video Ads

    Video Ads

    By placing ads in M.E short-film and TV series, your ads can be spread all over the world easily!

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  • Today’s top recommend

    Today’s top recommend

    Your ads will be displayed on the top window of the home page, which allows others to see your ads all the time.

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  • Branding attentive>

    Branding attentive

    Occupies the prime location of the website that could spread your brand easily.

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  • Micro platform promotion

    Micro platform promotion

    Spread your ads widely, quickly, conveniently and timely by reposting on micro platform (social blogs).

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M.E as a global interactive multimedia, we offers online advertising services, website promoting and website navigation services, as well as video production and broadcasting services. M.E also provides CI planning, marketing strategy services for companies. Currently, M.E offers the following series of packages:

Series 1


Diamond Package

  • Large Home page display
  • Reach up to 60k viewers
Features BUY NOW

Platinum Package

  • Large Home page display
  • Reach up to 33k viewers
Features Buy Now

Gold Packag

  • Home page display
  • Reach up to 14k viewers
Features Buy Now

Crystal Package

  • Home page display
  • Reach up to 4500 viewers
Features Buy Now

Mini Banner Area(Main page)

  • Fixed position banner (right side)
Features Buy Now

Mini Banner Area(Sub Page)

  • Fixed position banner (right side)
Feature Buy Now

[Innovative Marketing Display Window]

Price: FREE for every user who purchases any of M.E advertisement package
Description: Free display on multi-window position at main page /subpage

Watch Our Testimonials

Series 2


Promotion package A

Price details
Viewers 20,000

Promotion package B

Price details
Viewers 45,000

Promotion package C

Details details
Viewers 120,000

Promotion package D

Details details
Viewers 500,000

Promotion package E

Details details
Viewers 1,200,000

Series 3

FOR ANY ENTERPRISE: corporate image planning, video production and publishing
>Price (per minute) Service Content
$1500 5 sets of onsite recording + Digital Production + Voice Re-placement
$2500 10 sets onsite recording + Digital Production + Voice Re-placement
$3000 1 concept + 15 sets onsite recording + Digital Production + Voice Replacement + Professional models
$5000 2 concepts + 25 sets of onsite recording + Digital Production + Voice Replacement + Professional models
$8000 3 concepts + 50 sets of onsite recording + Digital Production + Voice Replacement + Professional models
$10,000 3 concepts + 75 sets of onsite recording + Digital Production + Voice Replacement + Professional models + Animation

Series 4

Mobile Advertising
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Promote your products any time you want, forward and share company’s information whenever and wherever possible

  • Micro Mall
  • Micro Advertising
  • Micro Film
  • Micro Pomotion

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